Being bipolar means routines are one of the main focus for stability.

I've tried, abandoned, and tried over again many routines but nothing sticks with me. Either I get triggered and go in a new phase and let go of my prior stability, or it's a routine a bit too strong for the strength I have while living with CPTSD and OSDD.

So, I'm just asking this here because this instance has a huge amount of character per toot :

Do you have any app helping you managing your routine? Not something like habitica, but something with simple good simple visuals which helps you seeing what your week is going to be and easy to manage?

Thanks ~
If it works on both a /e/ phone and a computer that's definitely a plus.


I dont have app, but I get through this problem coz of my depression.

Helped me that :
- I dont live alone (with friends) and my cycle comes from theirs.
- Everytime I get in a new social structure (new living space or working) I just get me two (not more) lines that I must follow.

Example : You go on bed only to sleep. If you want to read or chill, it's on the sofa.

That could help you, so I've answered. Tell if u think it's not matching ur expectations and I'd delete.

(Meanwhile, I've tried to use many alarms. Without big succeses. But, for example for waking up, even if I dont follow the ''wake up alarm'', I've let it. I snooze infinitely it, but it keeps sort of habits in brains, so easier for waking up days)

And good luck. Really. Life will be worthfull ever when you will have learnt managing your bipolarity <3

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